If your young person is not in education or employment, is not in receipt of high needs funding from the local authority or is registered to one of Enable Ability’s youth groups such as Portsmouth Youth Project or Hampshire Youth Project, then they are welcome to join the Inter Activ programme.

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Our Work Experience Programmes

We run a number of Work Experience Programmes designed to provide our participants with a range of hard and soft skills augmented with more traditional classes involving Mathematics and English language. Each of the participants is assigned a Personal Skills Coach whose role is to support, guide and track their progress against pre-defined outcomes based on their own individual journey.

Current Work Experience Programmes include:

  1. PC Repair Shop focused on re-cycling old PC’s
  2. Working in the Café at Landport Community Centre preparing food and serving at tables.
  3. Working for What’s It Like? creating and editing 360-Videos
  4. Marketing and Sales related to re-cycled PC’s and accessories
  5. Crafting and Horticulture

If any local business are interested in opening their workplace to some bright and enthusiastic young people looking to develop the skills necessary to help them into meaningful employment then please get in contact. All our participants are supported and supervised continually.

Our Story

Within Enable Ability we recognised that our services did little to address the shortfalls that our young people faced once they had left education. Most failed to find meaningful employment (work, apprenticeships or volunteering) as they lacked the skills and confidence to secure such placements and so in 2018 we decided to do something about it. We asked one of our Deputy Managers to perform a needs-analysis and build a business case. We then submitted a bid to the National Lottery Community Fund for which we were successful and thus in September 2019 the Inter Activ social enterprise was formally launched .

Our thanks… to the National Lottery

Without a significant grant from the National Lottery Community Fund then Inter Activ would not have been conceived and so our thanks go to everyone who has bought a lottery ticket in the past. We can tell you that it clearly makes a difference to many young people with disabilities who need a helping hand in life.

Since starting the programme we have successfully placed eight young people in a variety of work settings including several in paid work settings.

Clearly the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the jobs market as a whole will make the role of Inter Activ more challenging but that does not stop our desire to make a real difference.

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